Ocean Drive to restore cars, add pedestrian plaza

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After a chaotic and uncontrolled avalanche of party crowds during the spring break of 2020 that ended in arrests, ongoing curfews and the ultimate closure to vehicle traffic to the street, a southbound lane is opening again in South Beach’s Ocean Drive along with a temporary pedestrian plaza, following months of discussions and holiday delays, the city has announced.

“I am skeptical that we need to bring a lane of southbound traffic back to Ocean Drive,” said Commissioner Mark Samuelian. “I believe that over the last couple of months we’ve shown that we can keep that area in good shape and still let people and residents join the street.”

“I believe you’re going to see a lot of scrutiny of that decision,” said Mr. Samuelian. “I’m wary about slingshots, scooters, golf carts, and cars in the middle of a beautiful street.”

January 4, 2022 | Miami Today | Ocean Drive to restore cars, add pedestrian plaza