Miami Beach cataloging storefront vacancies

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Commissioner Mark Samuelian said once the initial data is collected, he would like to see it updated periodically to show trends. He also wanted to know if the vacant storefronts were following City code with regard to aesthetics.

Currently, Huttenhoff responded, vacant storefronts are required “to have an opaque window covering and then if they don’t have that then they are able to purchase the blue window wraps from the city but they do need to have a covering.”

“I think this is an important priority,” Samuelian said, “because getting the market to find tenants, you know that’s a tough one but making the aesthetics more pleasant is something we can do.” He asked Saunders to come back with thoughts on any legislation that might be needed to help them do their jobs. “My thought is we need to nail the aesthetics quickly.”

May 22, 2018 | RE: Miami Beach | Miami Beach cataloging storefront vacancies