Making the Venetian Causeway safer for bicyclists

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At this week’s City Commission meeting, Miami Beach Commissioners will vote on a resolution signaling their support for a multi-jurisdictional effort to implement protection measures for the bike lanes. Commissioner Mark Samuelian is leading the effort here while Commissioner Ken Russell has taken up the charge for the City of Miami.

At the February meeting of the Commission’s Neighborhood and Quality of Life Committee, Samuelian said, “We have a problem. Right now, cycling safety on the Venetian is not as safe as we would like it to be. We all are well aware of one tragic incident that we had, but I think I can speak personally as someone who occasionally is out there on a bike and lives on the Venetian, it’s just not set up in the most safe way. One specific issue, there is no protective barrier between the bike riders and the cars. What I’m going to look for is that we approach solutions expeditiously.”

February 8, 2020 | RE: Miami Beach | Making the Venetian Causeway safer for bicyclists