From Beach to Bay

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Finding innovative ways to improve our city and our quality of life has been my top priority as your City Commissioner.

One of my proudest days in office was November 6, 2018, when a number of important referendums passed, including the creation of the Inspector General’s office, the approval of the Convention Center Hotel and, perhaps most significantly, the approval of the G.O. Bond program.

The $439M G.O. Bond has been and will continue to be truly transformative for Miami Beach, and I’m proud to have been a leading advocate for its approval. 

As a result of funding from the G.O. Bond program, the Beachwalk is now fully open from South Pointe Park to 79th Street, so residents and visitors can walk, bike, or run! Our city is also using G.O. Bond funding to connect South Pointe Park to the bay with a new pedestrian bridge over 5th street and to accelerate progress on our Baywalk.

Thanks to our work promoting and supporting the G.O. Bond program, soon, people will be able to walk from the beach, around South Pointe Park and continue to the bay in South Beach.

GO Bond

I’m proud to have advocated for these game-changing projects. Through our hard work and consistent outreach to the Miami Beach community, the G.O. Bond passed with a resounding 70% voter approval. To learn more about the G.O. Bond program, click here. 

We all have a vision for the future of Miami Beach. I’m running for re-election to make that vision a reality, and I know that innovative programs like the G.O. Bond will help us get there. 

I will always fight for innovation and progress. With our May fundraising deadline just around the corner, can you make a contribution today to support our work building a better future for Miami Beach? 

Thank you for your support.

— Mark