Dramatically increasing public safety resources

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BREAKING NEWS: Mark is proud to have again earned the support of community leader Frank Del Vecchio!

The number one job of local government is maintaining and improving public safety. And as your City Commissioner, I’ve fought hard to keep our community safe. These efforts have been widely recognized in the community including the endorsement from SOBESafe, a residents’ organization laser focused on safety issues.

Miami Beach is finalizing its annual budget, and throughout this process, I’ve been busy advocating for your safety, Laura.

In the new budget, I sponsored, co-sponsored, or advocated for the following enhancements to our city’s safety:

Public Safety

I’m confident that these new enhancements to our city budget will go a long way toward making our residents feel safer in Miami Beach. But, there’s much more work to be done to keep our homes, streets, and neighborhoods safe.

In my next term as your City Commissioner, I’ll continue to put public safety and resident quality of life at the very top of the city’s and my agenda. If you’re with me, click here to make a contribution to my campaign today.

Thank you for your support.

— Mark