Convention Center Hotel Lease Approved

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Commissioner Mark Samuelian said he supported the project because of what it could do for the City, noting that the current revenue from “a surface parking lot that generates about $100,000 a year” will convert to “$10m once we’re up and running at a steady state and that is goodness for our community.”

“In the last three years there have been 17 new hotels in Miami Beach,” Samuelian said, but “this is the one that really pays off for the public. This is the one that really delivers” for the City.

“I always have been sensitive to overdevelopment and construction, that’s sort of part of my value system,” Samuelian continued. “I think the concerns of the community have been heard and I’m fully supportive of what we’re doing today.”

July 29, 2018 | RE: Miami Beach | Convention Center Hotel Lease Approved