My priorities for Miami Beach

For the past four years, I’ve been fighting for Miami Beach residents on the City Commission, working to enhance our public safety and improve our quality of life.

I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished together; however, we clearly have more work ahead.

Here are some of my priorities in my next term:

Public Safety

Building Safety

Pedestrian & Cycling


Financial Stewardship

My top priority will always be serving as your voice and advocate on the City Commission. And I’m committed to making real progress on the issues that matter most to our community.

I know that, together, we can make our vision for the future of Miami Beach a reality. Click here to make a contribution to my campaign today. 

With gratitude,


Reflecting on resiliency

Resiliency and climate change are critical issues for our community, and there’s no denying that we’re going to face significant challenges as we address flooding, rising sea levels, and hurricanes.

I have faith that we can come together as a community to meet and overcome the difficulties that lie ahead for Miami Beach, which is why I have sponsored this Resiliency Vision for Miami Beach. 

Today, I’m proud to share that, in partnership with Florida International University, we’re hosting the first-ever “Inspirational Visioning Workshop for a Resilient Miami Beach in 2070.” Click here to RSVP for the virtual workshop.

The event will showcase architectural renderings by FIU students who were asked to imagine a future shaped by a changing climate.

We’ve all heard dire predictions concerning sea level rise, but I’m encouraged to see that today’s architecture students are already imagining innovative solutions that will help us address the challenges of sea level rise and hurricanes in the decades to come.

I hope you can join us as we discuss how we can build a safe, resilient, and sustainable future for Miami Beach. Click here to RSVP today. 

With gratitude,

Miami Beach replaces July 4 fireworks with ‘shine a light’ moment to honor Surfside

As a tribute to the first responders, victims and families of those missing in the partial condo collapse in Surfside, Miami Beach announced Thursday it will replace its originally planned fireworks celebration with a moment for residents to “shine a light in a symbolic gesture of unity,” according to a city press release.

Miami Beach Commissioner Mark Samuelian said the “shine a light” ceremony is a chance to recognize the moment and “honor our first responders.”

July 2, 2021 | Miami Herald | Miami Beach replaces July 4 fireworks with ‘shine a light’ moment to honor Surfside