Equality Florida Action PAC backs Dan Gelber, Mark Samuelian reelection bids in Miami Beach

Both candidates are netting support more than nine months before the November election.

A prominent LGBT rights organization is endorsing a pair of Miami Beach officials seeking reelection this fall.

Equality Florida Action PAC is backing Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber and Miami Beach City Commissioner Mark Samuelian in their respective reelection bids.

Gelber is seeking a third and final term leading the city after winning reelection unopposed in 2019. Samuelian first joined the Commission after winning election in 2017.

“I am truly proud to earn the early endorsement of Equality Florida Action PAC,” Samuelian added.

“Together, we have worked to make Miami Beach a more equal and welcoming city, and I remain committed to ensuring we are always at the forefront of tearing down any form of discrimination. I look forward to the continued work with such great organizations like Equality Florida Action PAC, who every day fight for a better and more fair community.”

Both posts are nonpartisan. So far, no candidates have filed to oppose Gelber or Samuelian.

“As municipal leaders both Mayor Gelber and Commissioner Samuelian have defended attacks on conversion therapy bans in federal courts, challenged Tallahassee to end erroneous and unpopular attacks on abortion rights, and have pushed for greater local control when it comes to gun safety reforms. They have kept their promises to advance policies we all believe in and that’s why Equality Florida Action PAC has pledged our support.”

March 30, 2021 | Florida Politics | Equality Florida Action PAC backs Dan Gelber, Mark Samuelian reelection bids in Miami Beach

Miami Beach envisioned after sea level rise

With two to three feet of sea level rise predicted in the next 50 years, what will Miami Beach look like in 2070? This is the question graduate architecture students at Florida International University attempted to answer in a joint effort with the city to re-imagine how historic buildings may be preserved in the future.

Commissioners backed the idea of a public workshop, asking the city administration to create messaging around the event. Mr. Stuart said he offered the course each fall, and could focus next semester’s on a different area,

“We should hold this workshop,” said Commissioner Mark Samuelian. “where we bring the various visions that we have. We’re not looking for one crystal vision, we’re looking for a process. We’re looking for a positive message (and to) highlight a partnership that we value.”

March 16, 2021 | Miami Today | Miami Beach envisioned after sea level rise