Equality Florida Action PAC backs Dan Gelber, Mark Samuelian reelection bids in Miami Beach

Both candidates are netting support more than nine months before the November election.

A prominent LGBT rights organization is endorsing a pair of Miami Beach officials seeking reelection this fall.

Equality Florida Action PAC is backing Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber and Miami Beach City Commissioner Mark Samuelian in their respective reelection bids.

Gelber is seeking a third and final term leading the city after winning reelection unopposed in 2019. Samuelian first joined the Commission after winning election in 2017.

“I am truly proud to earn the early endorsement of Equality Florida Action PAC,” Samuelian added.

“Together, we have worked to make Miami Beach a more equal and welcoming city, and I remain committed to ensuring we are always at the forefront of tearing down any form of discrimination. I look forward to the continued work with such great organizations like Equality Florida Action PAC, who every day fight for a better and more fair community.”

Both posts are nonpartisan. So far, no candidates have filed to oppose Gelber or Samuelian.

“As municipal leaders both Mayor Gelber and Commissioner Samuelian have defended attacks on conversion therapy bans in federal courts, challenged Tallahassee to end erroneous and unpopular attacks on abortion rights, and have pushed for greater local control when it comes to gun safety reforms. They have kept their promises to advance policies we all believe in and that’s why Equality Florida Action PAC has pledged our support.”

March 30, 2021 | Florida Politics | Equality Florida Action PAC backs Dan Gelber, Mark Samuelian reelection bids in Miami Beach

Let’s finish March strong!

This week is a big week for our campaign. Our campaign is finishing March with broad-based community support, including elected officials and diverse organizations:


And it’s no wonder why: Mark is an honest public servant through and through. As we emerge from COVID-19 and work hard to keep our city safe, we need Mark on the City Commission.

At midnight on Wednesday, we’ll hit our first fundraising deadline of Mark’s campaign for re-election to the Miami Beach City Commission.

It’s so important that we finish our first month strong. That’s why our team has set an ambitious goal to raise an additional $5,000 online before midnight on Wednesday. Click here to pitch in $25 and help us reach our goal. 

Mark has distinguished himself as a skilled and compassionate leader in our community. He listens to his constituents and works hard to deliver real victories for our residents. He makes sure that our government works hard to maintain our high quality of life, keep us safe, and prepare our city for the future.

Help us re-elect a true champion for Miami Beach residents. Click here to make a contribution before our deadline.

Your contribution will help us build our campaign operation, increase outreach within our community, and create enough momentum to win a victory for all Miami Beach residents this November.

Thank you for your support.

— Team Samuelian

Chag pesach sameach!

With Passover beginning tomorrow, I want to wish a very happy holiday to all who celebrate.

Like most of the holidays we’ve celebrated over the past year, Passover will likely look very different for many of you. But, for those of you who have received a COVID vaccine, the upcoming seders could be the first time in a very long time that you’ve been able to gather with family members in celebration of a holiday safely.

It’s fitting, I think, that this first major holiday that some of us may spend together centers on the story of the Israelites’ struggle for freedom—the obstacles they faced and the sacrifices they made together.

After the past year of social distancing and immense loss, we slowly start to see the world reopen. Together, we have struggled through one of the most significant global challenges in modern memory. We’ve sacrificed time spent with loved ones, deferred our plans, and changed our habits, all to keep our fellow community members safe.

So I hope that, for those who observe, this Passover will also serve as a solemn reminder of our struggles over the past year and a celebration of how far we’ve come because we joined together, protected each other, and kept moving forward.

Happy Passover

I hope that you and your families, whether in person or at a distance, can meaningfully and safely observe Passover together.

Wishing you all the best,


Public Safety is Job One for Local Government

I’ve always been a dedicated public servant. And ever since I was elected to the Miami Beach City Commission, I’ve worked hard to make sure that everything I do is in service of you — the residents of Miami Beach.

Recently, we’ve seen a disturbing rise in crime and associated chaos, especially in South Beach and the former Entertainment District. Enough is enough. We need to keep residents, businesses, and visitors safe.

Revamping South Beach with an eye towards art, culture, and wellness will make a substantial difference in our public safety and quality of life. Ocean Drive can be more than bars and nightclubs–and by making it more than a party spot, we’ll make our city safer and more livable.

I’ve worked hard to hold bad actors accountable, support our public safety officers with more security cameras and better technology, and clean up malfeasance on public property. In my next term, I’ll continue to prioritize reducing crime and improving our quality of life.

Actions for Keeping Miami Beach Safe

Many of us worry about public safety and the crime rate in our city. My goal as your City Commissioner has been to enact policies that will help Miami Beach residents feel safe in their homes and on our streets. Going forward, I will continue to advocate for swift, bold actions and all options are absolutely on the table.

I’m running for re-election to continue working to reduce crime and make South Beach–and our entire city–safer and friendlier especially for residents.

In the coming months, I hope I’ll have your support for this campaign and for our efforts to create a safer Miami Beach.

With gratitude,


Miami Beach envisioned after sea level rise

With two to three feet of sea level rise predicted in the next 50 years, what will Miami Beach look like in 2070? This is the question graduate architecture students at Florida International University attempted to answer in a joint effort with the city to re-imagine how historic buildings may be preserved in the future.

Commissioners backed the idea of a public workshop, asking the city administration to create messaging around the event. Mr. Stuart said he offered the course each fall, and could focus next semester’s on a different area,

“We should hold this workshop,” said Commissioner Mark Samuelian. “where we bring the various visions that we have. We’re not looking for one crystal vision, we’re looking for a process. We’re looking for a positive message (and to) highlight a partnership that we value.”

March 16, 2021 | Miami Today | Miami Beach envisioned after sea level rise

Help us start this campaign strong

As you may know, I’ve officially filed to run for re-election to the Miami Beach City Commission.

From enhancing public safety to protecting our environment, I’ve made representing the residents of Miami Beach my top priority, and I’ve worked hard to ensure that our local government puts you first.

I’m dedicating my life to public service. Now, I’m running for re-election to continue my service to this community and build on all of the progress we’ve made together over the past three years. But I can’t do it without your help. Click here to make a contribution and help me build a campaign that truly represents Miami Beach.

Donate to Campaign

I’m so excited for this campaign, because I’m not only campaigning for re-election, but also for a vision for the future of Miami Beach that all of us can share.

Between now and November, we have the chance to make our vision for the future of Miami Beach a reality. And it all starts with you, Laura.

This month is our first month of fundraising, and we need to make a strong showing if we’re going to take this race through to the finish line in November. I’m counting on you to help us start strong. Can you make a contribution today to help me kick off this re-election fight?

Thank you for your support. Let’s win this race, together!

All the best,